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A social gaming network allowing gamers to listen to royalty free music, host tournaments , broadcast live from twitch and connect with industry leaders.



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About MC2

How We Started: After stepping into the streaming industry, BobbyLaramie, the founder of the team, noticed that a lot of streaming channels were too focused on gameplay. He saw streams where no one had a camera, there was no microphone, there was no chat interaction, there was no entertainment, and most imporantly, there was no teamwork. He noticed that many streamers had no branding, no goals, no vision, no direction, and he sought to change that. Together, with the help of the many other strong streamers, the idea of MC2 began to form into a powerful organization. They focused on the quality aspect but wanted to keep the doors open for those who had never thought of a brand or a vision or goals for their stream. Overtime however, the complexity of the streaming industry led the leaders of MC2 to reshape it into a supportive community as opposed to a restrictive quality based stream team. Regardless of whether you are a streamer or just a casual gamer, we want a place for you to find, build, and maintain long lasting friendships with people that think and game like you.

MC2 Mission: MC2 is a strong but Mixed Content Community that focuses on developing long lasting relationships and friendships among both gamers and streamers whether their passion is on competitive, casual, RPG, and/or variety games. Those who join our community can seek frienships, find gaming partners to slay in the Warzone, group up with some WoW fanatics to conquer a Mythic dungeon, get technical help, or just have an ear that will listen to you. We are a community, and we are a family!

MC2 Vision: Our vision is to develop a thriving community of streamers, gamers, and viewers dedicated to one another and passionate about growing the community.